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What is DMIT ?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

As we are all aware, every person has unique fingerprint. Even the fingerprints of both hands are not the same. The term Dermatoglyphics is derived from two ancient Greek words, derma which means skin and glyph which means carving.

Dermatoglyphics is defined as a study of configurations of epidermal ridges on certain body parts such as palms, fingers, soles and toes. In 1823, the skin stripes were recorded and documented for the first time by Czech doctor Pa Jinjie. He documented that the right-hand fingerprints are not the same as the left-hand ones.

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Each individual has a unique finger print pattern and they are closely connected to your brain lobes. Understanding this can reveal a lot about brain development and your personality. Explore your innate qualities and optimize them for a successful future.

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What does your fingerprint reveal about yourself?

Fingerprint represents our unique identity and individuality

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About DMIT


It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes.

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Multiple Intelligence

It is a scientific of
brain lobe and
its usage.

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Fingerprint Patterns

A fingerprint is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger.

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What Client Says

Dear Rohini,
Thanks for introducing me to Brain Spark DMIT which helped me to get a certain clarity about my daughter's learning and understanding skills. Your couselling was excellent. I loved taking my heart out and sharing my many things with you. Learned a lot about my daughter as well as myself and the way I should be dealing with her to take out the best from her. As my daughter learns fast hearing things, you suggested me about ALEXA. Believe me for her it has really brought lot of interest in learning. I too stopped taking immediate decisions as per your advice and as per the DMIT report. You are a good counselor Rohini... Keep it up.. I truly appreciate. Thanks a lot to you as well as the Brain Spark DMIT.

- Dr Sangeeta Menon

(Founder - Alive Again Health Cafe, Head - Galaxy Health Zone)

“Thank you Rohini for your counseling session for my grandson Nimmai. He is diagnosed with ADHD, and getting a Brain Spark DMIT test has given us a lot of insight into his personality, his strengths and weaknesses. We realized that since he is a visual and kinesthetic learner we can channelize him into sports and make a career out of it as well.
I was so impressed, and I think all of us need to take this test to know ourselves and our family members better. I am in my sixties now and yet got keen to get myself tested. I would have benefited much more, if I were a kid!
So please make sure all kids and parents take this test for better communication and career planning for their kids.”

- Dr Sandhya Shah

(Vardhaman Clinic - Physiotherapist)

About a month before we discussed about Adi's personality and also about me.After that you ask for our feedback.l could not respond immediately.l thought first l should observe some time and then reply.
BRAIN SPARK DMIT really help me to communicate with Aditya.As l got an outline of his nature.Strongness of disputes reduced.It dissolves earlier.It not changes your nature but help you to handle the situation.

- Manoj

(Engineer Pune)

A scientific & psychological understanding of Behaviour & Mindset for crystal clear understanding of Individual Strengths based on fingerprints & Brainmapping For all parents raising kids & for all Couples my strong recommend to understand your best halves mechanism Also for all youngsters who are committed or planning to soon- a session with Rohini Vora . Alongside your partners will programme your mind to Carry on life Harmoniously & Seamless!
My Ratings if you believe in my thought process is a Perfect 10/10😊

- Ashok Godhwani

(Sainath Medical Stores, Chemist)

If you think you know yourself, think again. Brainspark has helped me identify my weak and strong areas, my learning abilities, what I should be expecting from my students and also how I could improve my training techniques. I recommend everyone a session with Mrs Rohini Vora, there's always something new to learn.

- Anirudh Jayanth

(Physics teacher, Gopinath Classes)

Rohini Vora - Founder Brain Spark - DMIT ( Brain Mapping )We need to know how to set the goal of our child’s future as what they like or dislike ,how they react ,how emotional they are etc etc
Also father and mother must get their Brain Mapping (DMIT ) done to know how to choose a parenting style and also how they can make a move in their own Job/Business
Strongly recommend Rohini Vora for Brain Spark - DMIT
plz visit Rohini Vora @ Brain Spark to know more🙂

- Shyam Sinha

(Owner of PS Trans Solution)

As a parent, I was impressed by this wonderful tool. I feel confident it can save years of vain effort of trial and error as a parent ‘what is he going to do’ or as a student may bei should do this or that. I am clearer on the direction I would steer my children in a more qualitative way and focused manner. Knowing what would do well with his personality and innate nature. After all, we all want happy secure children.
I believe every parent should have this amazing opportunity to discover the uniqueness of their child. Rohini is an adept counselor and she has the pulse of the young generation of today. Our session was very informative and I enjoyed discovering aspects I wasn’t aware of. Thank you! What a discovery those two hours with you were! Two very well spent hours.

- Divya Tomar

(Founder Vishwaa Naturals, MD - Medicone)

Thank you so... much Rohini for changing my life! When I first consulted you for Brain Spark DMIT for my daughter, my only purpose was to identify her skills and interest areas, so that I could encourage her setting goals accordingly and motivate her for achieving the same! However, after seeing you in person, my entire outlook towards DMIT changed. I Thank you for suggesting reports for my entire family.
I have experienced that after receiving the reports and counseling session from you, we understand each other better. Our family bond has increased. I have been able to identify correct subjects for my child and I have become a lot more patient mother and wife. I am able to balance my profession and family lot more easily now. I have started finding more time for my likes and feel much more happier now. Thank you.. so much! God bless you??

- Nile Desai

(Dentist, Valsad)

I have always been a person who wouldn't believe in myself and was always confused about my paths. I always felt lost in life and was never definite about how i felt about myself. After I had a Brain Spark DMIT counselling session with Rohini she enlightened me about different aspects that i should focus on. It’s surprising how your fingerprints can reveal so much about you.
Every unique fingerprint has so many meanings to a persons characteristics. You can discover your true self and strengths which probably never gets revealed in reality. I now feel more confident and clear about things and take the results as a guideline for my future self. Thank you Rohini

- Vinita Nagrani

(Photographer by Profession, Pune)

Brain Spark proved to be a great helping hand! I wish I would have gotten my counselling done way before & i wish I know about this earlier.But anyway, Brain Spark actually helped me in getting a much clear vision about my nature, my strengths, waeknesses.
Not only this but it also gave me number of career options too, which fits best according to my personality, and also provided me with the solutions and guidances for if at all. I come to a point where I have to make big decisions. I feel this should be highly recommended for all the children at an early stage so that they are well guided later.

- Megha Panchal

(Graphic Designer, Mumbai)

Thanks so much for Brain Spark DMIT for myself and my son Vishal.. Your sessions have helped lot..
DMIT has help us to recognize ourself.. I was very much stressed for Vishal , but through DMIT it has helped to know him, understand his point of view, his nature.. Thanks alot to you for personally taking care of us.. I have been seeing changes in VISHAL so I am very much happy.
Thanks once again

- Arpita Kotecha

(Home Maker)

I never thought that a humans finger print could speak so much about a person. I got my daughter's finger print done at Brain spark which specialises in brain mapping and the insights I have received about her is eye opening for me. It will really help me to handle my daughter who is a teenager, who is growing at the speed of light. You meeting her and spending so much time to know her has helped me getting more closer to my daughter. I recommend this for every parent who has young children. I am also getting it done for me and my wife. The way you explain in detail about where we can improve will help us for a long time.
Thank you very much.

- Tamim sultan

Thank you so much Brain Spark DMIT for myself your sessions have helped a lot. DMIT has help us to recongnize ourself to know about our stregnth and weakness. Rohini is providing a positive approch and methods to improve our weak areas and also help me to understand which areas of my life I need to foucs more. Rohini took the time to fully explain each details of the report. I recommend everyone should take the DMIT test.
Thank you so much Rohini.

- Yasmin Vora


It's my pleasure that I am writing here the testimonial for Mrs. Rohini Vora - Founder & Owner of BRAIN SPARK. I recently did DMIT at Brain Spark. I was impressed bt this wonderful tool and when I got my report, I was surprised by the accuracy of report which is showing 99% in my matter. I got to know about emotions and how to deal if you are not willing to do something. DMIT help to get certain about our children's learning & understanding skills. I believe every parent have this amazing opprtunity to discover the uniqueness of their child. It was an amazing session for me. We had long discussions about spirituality, social work and self development. Mrs. Rohini Vora, who loves to speak more about knowledge and develop self confidence, I truly appreciate her knowledge and work. I strongly recommend do DMIT at Brain Spark.
Thank you svery much.

- Manish Bhavsar

(Aqua Fine Chemicals)

I have been hearing abut finger print analysis a lot now a days but was quite suspicious about the authenticity of same. But hearing from Rohini Vora about it, so many times in her presentations, I decided to opt for the same. So I went for my DMIT (the Technical name of Finger print analysis or brain mapping.) To my surprise, my analysis report came out to be more than 80% correct in terms of my strength and the challenges I face, as per my personality traits. It was a superb session with her discussing my report and she does not only informs but also guides expertly how to overcome our challenges and shortcomings. Her work also inspired me go do the brain mapping for my son and my husband, as soon I finished mine and it is helping us a lot to understand each other.
Good Work Rohini. Keep Up!! All the Best!

- Jyotsna Prabhakaran


Brain Spark when I heard this word I was wondering it may be couselling center for kids. But its amazing thing that everything is written about your self in your fingerprint. So if you want to know yourself meet Rohini Vora and your BRAIN will really SPARK. So many thing I got to know about my self after figerprint analyzing. My wife and daughter has also done it and it is much helped for my daughter also as well as my wife. It is purely science and you will get find the way of your life. It helps me a lot to take decision as well as I have changed my nature after b\Brain Spark visit. I think as per my view everyone should visit BRAIN SPARK for themselves and their kids for their nice future
Thank you Rohini for knowing my self.

- Parikshit Patel

(Regent Enterprise)

Hey Rohini,
before I met you for Brain Spark DMIT, I was really worried about my kids. Especially my son who is in 9th grade. He is smart but lazy about his attitude in his life. Your counselling has helped me understand my children's potential strengths and weaknesses. I also got my DMIT done and now I feel more confident about my abilities in dealing with the children and problem solving. Thank you for helping us out

- Meenakshi Patel

(Home Maker)

Brain Spark is the true helping hand in this world. Before getting my DMIT done I used to be very less confident and I was not able to see my own strength and I used to take most of my decisions of my life in emotinal way. But after getting my DMIT dony by Rohini Vora I have boosted up my confidence and I have got to know my strengths and weakness so I work on both accordingly.
Brain Spark can change your life if you do work on your weakness and strengths after knowing it. I would like to recommend my many friends to have their DMIT done by her, so that they can also make their future bright and succesful.
Thank You.

- Kaushik Panchal

(12 th Std - Fellowship School)

I did my DMIT with Brain Spark by Rohini Vora, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, whether to go for it or not. After getting a positive feedback from my family friend, I decided to go for it.
I was highly impressed by the science with application of logic. Rohini explained me my strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them. This test also determined my learning style, whether its Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic. I strongly recommend Brain Spark DMIT by Rohini Vora.

- Jager James

(Jaros Mech Industries - Director)

As a person that loves to seek more knowledge, taking the DMIT Test was intriguing. It provided me with knowledge that I knew but sometimes pushed aside. It gave me areas of focus for new projects and guided me to pursue areas that are in my strengths. It also allowed me to understand my limitations and which areas of my life I needed to focus on more in order further my mental, spiritual, and physical success.
Rohini took the time to fully explain each detail of the report and also provided great follow-up to ensure that the recommendations she provided were truly implemented in my life. That’s what matters in the end. You can take the test but if you’re not going to implement it what difference has it made in your life? Take the test, make the change, and watch yourself grow to new levels!

- Zarine Bharda

(Founder of Healing Oilistic)

After attending your session with my daughter it feels like everything is changed. I am able to balance my work life and personal life smoothly now. Thanks a lot for bringing this change to our lives.

- Girish Patel

(Owner, IFB Point Valsad)

Thank you for giving such a wonderful session. Rohini is providing a positive approach and methods to improve in studies in psychology. I really appreciate Madam for the interest shown towards my career.

- Shwetal Patel